You can really unwind with an Unwind relaxation massage by Perry Dossett. Perry Dossett: ‘In working together we can achieve the deepest of relaxation’. A massage can be experienced as very meditative. And when a client joins me on this journey, through breathing for example, we can both work to bring relaxation to the deepest parts of the body.

Four of the senses are activated during my massages: Touch is ofcourse central. But also smell: an oil burner or incense is always burning. Sight: the massage takes place in a relaxing room lit by candles. And hearing: there is relaxing music playing, for example from singing bowls.

In the thirty years that I have worked as a singer, dancer and actor in dozens of Dutch theaters, I have always given massages. When I was nineteen I moved to New York to learn the theatre trade and attend a School of Arts. I also did a short massage training course in New York and that became one of my part-time jobs. Once back in the Netherlands and during theater productions, my fellow actors always came up to me and asked: Oh, can I get a shoulder rub? Even my physiotherapist asked for one of my shoulder rubs after he finished treating me. He kept telling me: go do a training course, you’ve got the talent for it! Another therapist I frequently visited kept saying, 'You've got healing hands.

So far my massages have been driven by intuition. Last year I did a massage training course and I passed the exam given by  the Dutch Exam Foundation in the Sports & Perimedic Health Care (NESPG) with honors. In this course I also learned next to anatomy and physiology the Eastern philosophy and meridian theory. With this better understanding of the theoretical and practical base I can, for example, apply the massage grips with better precision, which is good for the muscles and circulation.

Prior to your massage, I will ask you about your physical condition: do you have a specific physical complaint or do you have tensions that I can help relieve?

If you know me, you’ll know that good hygiene is very important to me. Especially in this day and age. Special measures now are that I disinfect the massage table thoroughly before and between every appointment. Upon arrival, I will ask you some questions just to make sure that you have no corona related complaints and I will also ask you to wash your hands. The face is not massaged during this period.


One hour relaxation massage
This compact massage focuses on one or more body parts.


one and a half hour relaxation massage
Your entire body is deeply massaged.


two hour relaxation massage
Your entire body is deeply massaged ending with passive Yin-Yoga stretches and mindfulness.  


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"Perry takes you as you are. He feels and sees what you need. You can feel that Perry is massaging you with love. He does it with his whole being. He is always busy with the flow of energy. I felt very satisfied afterwards. And such wonderful hands! I will definitely come back for more!"
Rolinha Kross

"I came off the massage table feeling reborn! Perry has a nice voice that is very relaxing. He takes his time and radiates tranquility. I feel very comfortable with that. It feels very familiar. He knows how to use his hands and as a dancer he knows every muscle in the body. It was very Zen that he worked with singing bowls at the end.Focusing on listening clears your mind. I'm very good in hiding my emotions, but Perry's massage simply made me let go."
Jerrel Houtsnee

"Perry was there with all his attention from the moment I walked in and until I left the door. He takes you on a journey: his hands and voice make that you comfortably relax on the massage table. He explains what he does. Not too much, but sometimes he says something like: I see that this muscle is more tense. Perry gives a wonderfully firm massage. Really nice."
Walter Hottinga

"I find the massage by Perry very special, because as a dancer he knows the human body so well. He immediately feels which muscle needs extra attention. His personality and his massage have a very calming effect on me, especially after a stressful day."
Jolanta Izabela Pawlak


Perry Dossett
Unwind ontspanningsmassages
Valckenierstraat diagonally across 67
Amsterdam (light blue door)
06 295 416 46
Photo's Perry Dossett: Martijn Gijsbertsen

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